A non-surgical, non-invasive, instant face lift treatment with low micro-current system to erase wrinkles, also lift and firm sagging skin. An alternative treatment to Botox.

Recommend series of 8 weekly.

$55 / 45 min  or  Series of 8 [$45/each].


***Most popular signature monthly anti-aging facial.***

A complete European Facial combined with Miracle Lift

Treatment for ultimate result.

$115 / 1 hr 30 min


Ideal treatment for post surgery to promote healing and prevent scarring tissues especially keloid condition.  10 min to 30 min treatment per scar location.

$25 - $45 / twice a week


Localized treatment to smooth wrinkles, firm, lift, tighten various part of body.  Series of 8 and up is recommended. 


Smoothing wrinkly chest [$40/once a week]

Upper arms toning [$50/once a week]

Tummy firming [$45/once a week]


A safe and gentle abrasion of the epidermal dead skin cells. A painless procedure and no downtime of recovery. An alternative to laser or chemical peels, that efficiently treats aging, sun-damaged skin, acne scarring, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.


Face $135 / 30 min [Series of 6 face only] $700

Face and Neck $160 / 30 min

Eyes  $50 / 20 min

Decollate $100 / 30 min


***Popular monthly Anti-Aging Facial Treatment***

A complete customized facial after microdermabrasion.

$200 / 1 hr 30 min


A tri-phase, bi-thermal mask formulated with the finest marine and botanical ingredients: Caviar, Pearl and Escutox TM to smooth wrinkles & improve elasticity to reveal a youthful and radiant complexion.

$130 / 1 hr 30 min

[50% off Home Care Kit w/ Series of 3 $360]


Variety of PCA & TCA peels available

to effectively correct problem skin 

Pumpkin peel for Acne; Benefit peel for anti-aging treatment; Blueberry Jessner peel for sun-damaged aging skin; etc...  

$135 to $250
Please consult for price and appropriate treatment.


An anti-aging lactic acid peel treatment for dry and sensitive skin.

$125 / 1 hr 15 min


A relaxing anti-aging skin peel with Natural Raspberry Blend combined with gommage technique for dual actions of Exfoliation & Hydration, leaving skin moist, radiant and youthful looking.

$135 / 1 hr 30 min


A lift-off hard mask that changes temperature during treatment, giving two different reactions: vasodilation for easy penetration of all active ingredients and vitamins, then vasoconstriction for a tight and vibrant look of the skin.

$125 / 1 hr 15 min


High performance treatment utilizing galvanic current and freeze-dried powders. Recommended for pigment issues, wrinkled skin, elasticity issues, hyaluronic acid for dehydrated skin, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) for enlarged pores

$95 / 1 hr


Brow shaping / $20      

Upper lip / $10 

Chin / $10     

Sideburns / $15    

Face (without brows) / $30   

Half arm / $25    

Under arm / $15     

Half leg / $30   

Full leg / $55        

Bikini line / $25-$35    

Brazilian Wax(monthly) / $35  

Brazilian Wax(virgin) / $45 & up    

Stomach / $20 & up    

Chest wax / $30     

Back wax / $45    

Shoulders / $25


Custom Blended Photo Cover Liquid Foundation 1oz. / $50


Make-up Application / $55 to $65

Air Brush Make-up / $85 & up

Bridal / $95 & up

Bridal packages available. Please call for consultation.


Individual Application of Natural Mink or Silk Lashes to create beautiful, longer and fuller lashes.

*First time - $175 / 2hr 

*Touch up/Refill - $65 / 1hr 30 min


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FACIALS BY OLIVIA  Each skin care treatment includes: personal skin analysis, deep cleansing exfoliation, steaming, extraction, massage, customized mask and hand massage.


A relaxing and pampered facial which nourishes and redefines skin's texture through appropriate choices of massage technique and mask application. Light hand and foot massage. Remarkable results for smoother and more radiant skin.

$85 / 1 hr 15 min


Pure oxygen spray w/serum concentrate treatment, fusion of high-powered ingredients designed to provide immediate, long-term hydration and prevent moisture loss. Suitable for all skin types with moderate to severe dehydration, post microdermabrasion & peels.

$120 / 1 hr 15 min


Unwind and relax with 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage while having a customized aromatherapy facial including 20 minute foot reflexology massage. A real treat for soul and mind.

$145 / 1 hr 30 min


Heavenly, stress-reducing facial. Performed to reduce dark circles, puffiness around the eye area and temporarily reduce wrinkles for younger, tighter looking skin. Recommended before special events; pre and post surgery to help edema and promote healing.

$95 / 1 hr


A soothing European facial with aroma of essential oils; helps heal, balance and enhance wellness for the whole being. A therapeutic treatment to relieve tension and revitalize tired muscles.

$85 / 1 hr



A soothing facial with concentrated serum of aloe vera, azulene and calendula to calm sensitive, couperose or rosacea skin. Highly recommended as post-op for any kind of traumatized skin.

$80 / 1 hr


An advanced oxygenating facial with Vitamin C complex designed to improve cellular respiration, cell repair balancing and protect against free radicals. Remarkable results for healthier, tighter, younger looking skin.

$125 / 1 hr 30 min


A corrective facial with extensive extraction work to treat skin disorders such as clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc.  Very effective in clearing acne with a series of treatments, once a week.

$75 / 1 hr 15'


A deep cleansing facial for the back, accelerates the removal of dead surface cells, hydrates and soothes a much neglected area.

$75 / 1 hr


A combination of ultrasonic treatment with natural plant extracts and peel off mask to effectively lighten hyper-pigmented skin.

Recommended every 2 or 3 weeks.

$120 / 1 hr 30 min


An excellent treatment with the combination of collagen and elastin to help smooth wrinkles, crepiness; ease puffiness and dark circles. Recommend a series of 6, once a week sessions, also as pre and post surgical eye lift treatment.

$45 / 30 min


A light, safe exfoliating mini peel, gradually helps improve the appearance of age line, fine line, brown spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone, large pores, acne, etc.

Recommend a series of 6, once a week, for a quick visible and more effective results.

$50 / 30 min


Glycolic peel on the hand or foot to soften rough texture, including massage and paraffin wrap. 

$45 / 20 min [each service]

Both treatments together [$80.00]


A gentle body exfoliation treatment to help remove accumulation of dull surface skin cells and improve circulation while leaving skin soft and revitalized. Recommended for sensitive skin.

$55 / 45 min


Anti-stress body treatment with natural, organic mud that remineralizes, soothes and rejuvenates tired muscles.

$100 / 1 hr 15 min


A blend of marine salts with essential oil is gently massaged over the body to exfoliate the surface of the skin for smoother, softer skin.

$65 / 50 min


Body treatment with Electrical Muscle Stimulation helping in loosing inches for tighter, toner and smoother silhouette.

$65 / 45 min

Recommended for series of 8 & up accordingly to individual.
[Purchase Series / $55 each session].


An exfoliation treatment is performed on the entire body, followed by an application of a French seaweed mask for nourishment and detoxifying.

$100 / 1 hr 15 min


A highly activating gel of niacin is applied on cellulite area to stimulate deep blood circulation, bringing oxygenating and nourishment to sluggish tissues, thus getting rid of toxin accumulation.

$85 / 1 hr

[Series of treatment / $75 each]


An exfoliation is followed by an application of the Pevonia self tanning emulsion, leaving the skin an even, healthy, glowing and golden tan.

$65 / 1 hr


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